Products for Commercial Specialty Vehicles

StraddleMaster on StraddleCarrier



Designed and developed for straddle carriers.


The Continental StraddleMaster is specifically developed for use on Straddle Carriers. The StraddleMaster carcass comprises of V-ply technology-multiple layers of high-tech fabric running diagonally from one bead to another at specially designed angles.

  • Low rolling resistance
  • Outstanding deflection
  • Less costs


Technical details

Braker Layers

  • Up to 4 V.ply layers
  • Additional rigidity to tread area
  • excellent bonding element between the outer rubber tread and inner polymer structure

V.ply Pattern

  • Up to 20 layers of high-resistance polymer fiber a
  • Unique technology inspired by racing tire design
  • Less inner movement 
  • Low rolling resistance

Strengthened Sidewalls

  • Exceptionally strong sidewalls
  • Low deflection for high damping
  • Excellent driving stability
  • High protection against damage

Profiled Inner Bead

  • V.ply design is based on three wire cores
  • Even load distribution
  • Perfect rim fit