Products for Commercial Specialty Vehicles

Solid Tires
Industrial Pneumatic Tires
OTR Pneumatic Tires
Industrial Pneumatic
OTR Pneumatic Tires
Solid Tires

Discover Continentals extensive portfolio of Super Elastic
and Press-on-Bands Tires.

Industrial Pneumatic Tires

Discover Continentals portfolio of Industrial Pneumatic
Radial and Cross-ply Tires.

Off the Road Pneumatic Tires

Starting at 24" Continental offers an extensive portfolio of
OTR Pneumatic Radial and V.ply Tires for heavy equipment.

We are constantly developing our product range in order to be able to offer the best solutions for your individual needs from a single source.

Julian Alexander, Product Line Manager Material Handling at Continental CST
Solid Tires Handling

4 handling advices for your solid tires.


Continental offers an extensive suite of tires required for
airport ground support operations.


Continental's Portpackage is a customized portfolio of speciality
tires, which will help to keep vehicles in operation.

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